Chocolate Tasting Class


Chooclate Tasting Class

Join our team of trained chocolate tasters at York Cocoa Works as we share with you the secrets of chocolate making, learning how to taste chocolate like an expert chocolate connoisseur.

In our Chocolate Tasting class we will share a range of chocolates made with different cocoas from around the world, as we share and explore the flavours that create the chocolate we love.

The chocolate making process is a complex journey, from the variety of the cocoa, the soil in which it grows and the eco-system of the farms to the fermentation process carried out that develops the flavour that we explore once the beans reach us at the manufactory. As chocolate makers we develop flavour by roasting the cocoa beans, blending with other ingredients and refining to create a smooth finished chocolate that melts in the mouth.

Our journey with cocoa has allowed us to explore amazing flavours in cocoa from farms and communities from around the globe, some fruity, some floral, some nutty, some smoky, each creating a different chocolate experience for us to share and enjoy.

During this workshop

We will teach you how to explore the secrets of chocolate tasting, learning how to detect the flavours and qualities with all of your senses and start your own journey exploring the world of chocolate. Following the workshop you will be invited to choose a bar of your own favourite chocolate to take home and continue your journey as a chocolate connoisseur.

Chocolate Tasting Class Dates: Every Thursday at 4pm

Chocolate Master Class Program

Our Chocolate Master Class Series is a 6 course program that covers a whole range of techniques to enable any chocolate lover to fully master and understand how to work with our favorite food. This series of classes can also be taken on their own as individual classes or can be taken as your own series.

Discover more about our Chocolate Master Class series here and indulge in the most valuable basics.

 Who is this workshop suitable for? 

Perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages and abilities who want to learn more of the secrets to create their own gorgeous chocolates at home. Please note that we recommend that children under 13 years accompanied by a full paying adult participant

Special Dietary Requirements:

It's really important to us that everyone has a wonderful experience chocolate making, which is why we want to enable every chocolate lover to be able to have a go being creative. We are able to offer most chocolate making activities with dairy free and gluten free ingredients as long as we know in advance. If you have an individual with a nut allergy we have to say that the environment can not be guaranteed as nut free, we do however limit the presence of nuts in our workshop as much as possible, we are also able to provide new and sterile equipment for individuals with highly sensitive nut allergies. Please ask individuals or the parent or guardian of an attendee to contact us at least 48 hours ahead of the workshop so we can discuss with them how best to cater for their needs and ensure they can take part fully and enjoy the results of all their hard work. 

Please contact our team on 01904 675787 or E: to discuss your requirements prior to your visit and we can ensure we can create the best chocolate enjoyment for you.

We look forward to seeing you